“Working” From Home

Well, it’s certainly been a while, hasn’t it?

With all that’s going on in the world with the pandemic, most of us are doing what we can to stay home and stay safe. For me, that means I’m not working at the moment. Nordstrom has closed all of its stores across the country until things stabilize a bit. It seems as though, in the coming weeks or sooner, that could change for some stores in certain states. I look forward to being back at the Rack, even as busy as I’m sure it’s going to be (oh, the returns that people must have built up in this time from their online purchases!).

In the time since my last shift, though, I’ve been doing my best to expand my resale empire. That’s not to say what I’ve been doing is anywhere near the massive undertaking of some of the resellers who do it full-time. I have, however, taken my listings from Poshmark to new platforms. I’m now on Mercari, Depop, and (to a small degree) on eBay. It’s been quite a while since I sold on eBay! Probably since around 2005-2006, in fact. I’m even still using the same profile, which had a decent amount of feedback.

You can find my stuff here: on Poshmark, on Mercari, on Depop, and on eBay.

Message me that you found me on my blog for discounts!

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