I was on my way back to my bro Garth’s place from the beach when I had to send THE local Adam Landau a text. It was a bit of a hefty one, with a couple of pics, and right after I sent it, I thought, This is a blog post. The following is pretty much what I said, if not precisely, because my typing is far better on a real keyboard than on my phone.

My buddy Shalini and I were at Jacksonville Beach, following each other to Taco Lu, when she got a call and had to head back into town. She had my phone charger, and I had her house key, so we stayed on the phone and followed each other to the nearest parking lot, which happened to be…

Pet Up Rmarket on Beach Boulevard.

We swapped stuff, said our goodbyes, since I’m heading back home to South Carolina tomorrow, and, as we kept doing the “one more thing” thing, I just had to pee worse and worse. So I sent Shalini on her way, pretty abruptly, in the end, and headed into the store.

I think I pretended to look around the aisles a bit before I saw the restroom sign, and I’m afraid I was a little short with an associate who asked if she could help me find anything. I just threw a, “Found the restroom, thanks!” over my shoulder and kept on moving.

Afterward, I felt a little bad walking out, so I figured I might as well get some food for Vinnie, who is our 15-year-old wonder cat with the crazy ear whom you see on the FAQ page of reganlandau.com. Another associate asked if I needed help, so I described Vinnie’s particular needs: he’s an old guy, and he gets sick a few times a month. Usually not food, just water. The helpful associate guided me toward this…

Which, as you can see from the picture, is in my trunk, because I bought it. It was $11.99. I hope Vinnie likes herring.

(Also, now that I have a Yelp account, as my Facebook friends may have already seen after our pedicure misadventure, I think I should probably review this particular Pet Up Rmarket. The staff was super.)

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