Things you’ll miss when I try to go “off the grid”

5. Sunrise over Daytona Beach. Even though I live 10 minutes from my own beach I never go, and I never think to take pictures at sunrise. So, have a picture.

4. My mom’s surprise ice cream cake for her birthday from the DQ (which I had no part in picking out. That was ALL my awesome brothers).

3. Me making fun of staying at this hotel, which, while very nice, seems geared toward a slightly older crowd. There are signup sheets on the wall for group outings to Target and Kohls.

2. This hat, which I got on clearance at a cheesy, touristy surf shop, and love.

1. The hotel’s policy that smoking on the property will get you fined $200, but the fact that the only people who have mentioned it to me are guests who themselves smoke, and told me that they, too, are smoking near the pool, and in one case, on the balcony. Had a pretty cool conversation last night with a guy who warned me not to smoke, and then we smoked together for quite a while. We all look out for each other.

I thought about adding in the fact that I yelled, “Everybody slow down!” at my family, who was going too fast for my poor post-surgery knee, and I then scared the pants off of a pair of girls passing us on the boardwalk, but that’s was really one of those, “You had to be there,” kind of things.

Be back in SC soon! Miss me yet?

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