The consciousness rises

Happy Monday, y’all! Late summer is just fab, because there’s a promise of autumn to come. And autumn has always been my favorite, with sweaters and boots and leaves and change and beauty.

Today I haven’t done that much writing on my novel. Mostly I’ve been reading about writing, and then sort of journaling about what I’ve been reading, so it’s like someone threw the English language against the walls of my brain. Tomorrow I’ll pick up where I left off: just jump into the trenches and make the story happen. But for today, I’m stretching my brain. And it feels nice.

Also, if you ever want some serious tension in your life, list a vintage Gucci bag on poshmark. The offers, the bids, the comments– it was wild for about 24 hours. But it worked out. I hope the buyer gives it a good home. It was my grandmother’s. I think she will.

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