So much Poshmark, so little time

I had already had plenty stacked up, just ready to list in my Poshmark closet— a Rubbermaid tub, a weekender bag, and a few towering piles sitting on the guest bed. I have no shortage of inventory. What I do have is a shortage of space to store that inventory once it’s listed.

So last night, I went looking for space. I found a few empty drawers in one of the guest room nightstands. Then I opened the guest room dresser; uh oh. Full. But full of….

Jeans that don’t fit me anymore, all in perfect condition. Perfect to sell. Dozens and dozens of pairs. I used to have quite the jeans addiction—mostly AE, A&F, and Lucky Brand.

So now I just need to get to listing! I need a massive listing day. (In December, after I’m done with writing the book. But until then, I can list a few items a day. Easy peasy.)

EDIT: I just added 5 pairs of jeans in size 4 & 6 and a Tiffany & Co. ring to my closet.

PS, buy my stuff. I’ve got most sizes, because I’ve been lots of sizes.

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