SMART is here!

On Friday, after months of waiting, after taking my eight-week facilitator training course, my SMART Recovery meeting finally began– the only one in Charleston.

Folks looking for recovery support groups here in the lowcountry have no shortage of options, if 12-step is what they’re looking for. Now there’s an additional tool they can add to their tool belt, with SMART.

I won’t rhapsodize too much about it here, but the main differences between a SMART meeting and a 12-step meeting are that SMART is open to people with all types of addictive behaviors, from substance abuse to problem gambling to eating disorders; the tools SMART offers can be applied to all. The meetings are run more closely to a group therapy setting than a 12-step meeting (in that cross-talk is permitted and encouraged), because SMART tools have their roots in cognitive behavior therapy. There are no steps or sponsors, and the S in SMART stands for Self (Self Management and Recovery Training)– in that you have a choice in your recovery, and you’re not powerless. SMART meetings can be used in conjunction with 12-step meetings and/or traditional therapy. It’s all about crafting a path to recovery that works for each individual.

If you’re local, the details of the new meeting are on the SMART website— click Meetings, then Local Meetings, then search for Charleston. I’d love to have you! The first meeting was a success, and we have room in the meeting space for plenty more.

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