I’ve been selling and buying on poshmark for about two years. I’m not a big-time seller, but it’s a fun way to get rid of stuff I’m not wearing/using anymore, and to make a little cash while I’m at it. Most of my “closet” is basic mall brands, with a few slightly higher-end things thrown in for good measure. I make a couple of sales a week, typically (after my hiatus for a few months after my knee surgery, when I couldn’t get up the stairs to the third floor, where my poshmark inventory lives). If you want to check me out, my username is reganthology. Buy my stuff! Better yet, follow me, and maybe I can buy your stuff.

One of my favorite gurus on the subject of poshmark is The Gray Asparagus. Elle’s website has a blog about poshmark that has tremendous insight into strategies for both buying and selling, mainly selling. She’s a much higher-volume seller than I am, but it’s still really good information, and terribly entertaining. Her closet is thegrayasparagus, if you’re interested in how she does business.

I’ve been slacking lately on new listings. I have gobs of new stuff I want to add to my closet– two big Rubbermaid tubs, in fact. I’ve been a little preoccupied with writing lately, but as soon as that first bout of writer’s block hits, I’ll be photographing and adding new items. They’re certainly not doing me any good just sitting around in the closet.

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