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Y’all, I have to tell you about my favorite new bath and body products. They’re hand-made by my friend Jenna, and she sells them here in her Etsy shop.

I ordered two lotions, one in Grass Stain, and one in a fragrance she’d whipped up that was basically Grass Stain with an energetic citrus kick, which she let me name Grass Stain Buzz. There was a delay of a few days in shipping, which I didn’t mind, because she was waiting for her labels to arrive, so she even threw in a handmade soap in my package!!

Look at the cuteness. LOOK. AT. THE. CUTENESS.

I tried it out after my shower today, and the fragrance is amazing. It reminds me of summertime (also of an old fragrance from the Gap from when I was in high school called Grass. Came in a little aluminum cylinder. Anyone…?). The consistency is flawless– not too rich, but doesn’t absorb away to nothing. The ultimate test: I put on leggings right after I used it, and I didn’t feel that ooked-out “ew, lotion-leggings” feeling.

All in all, I’d say check out Jenna’s shop. She’s got gobs of fragrances, and she makes them to order. Here’s the link again in case you didn’t feel like scrolling back up.

Now get to ordering, and get to smelling happier! (Pssst… use the coupon code REGAN10 at checkout for 10% off your total order.)

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