Qualified? Hell to the yeah

I applied tonight for this job with the New York Times. No, you can’t apply, too, because it’s apparently designed just for me.

A media background? Sure thing. I just dropped in my LinkedIn profile.

Traveled to several destinations? Well, I suppose the Bahamas (twice), Cancun, Cozumel, and Puerto Rico count, for outside the continental US.

Active on social media? Ask my mom; she wants to punch me for how active I am.

Can commit to a year? See my blog post “So, what do you do?” for what I do for a living.

Basically, I’m just waiting for the call, begging me to take the job. 😂

Until then, I’ll keep prepping my writing for NaNoWriMo (I gave my existing chapters a thorough read-through over the weekend, looking for inconsistencies and plot paradoxes— found and repaired one big one— and creating detailed character sketches), and blogging about the process.

I’m also hosting a virtual LuLaRoe party with Cheryl on November 5. If we’re not already friends on Facebook and you want to buy some cute, comfy clothes, friend request and message me, and I’ll make sure you get an invite to the party! I’m stoked. I live for the leggings.

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