November wrap-up

Let’s just say November didn’t turn out the way I’d anticipated.

Although I’ve at times been nuts about journaling, and have written mounds and piles of (beginnings of) novels in my past, this month, I didn’t prioritize that. Now, granted, getting a new job and taking a week-long trip for a Tony Robbins conference did cut into what had been my perfect little manic writing routine of the previous month (which, in case you’re wondering, looked something like, “wake up, writewritewritewritewrite, eat?, smokesmoke, writewritewrite, smokewritesmokewritewrite, ignore position of sun in sky, sleep a few hours every few days”; it’s kind of astounding how much I got done when I was insufficiently medicated). But the life I lived this month has been fun and interesting and full of all different types of new people.

Some of those new people were at Unleash the Power Within West Palm Beach 2017. Everyone I met there hoped to get something different out of it, or had a different expectation, from business prowess to relationship repair to recovery, and I think they all got what they went for. I think I did, too. I’ve also gained a new world of people at my neighborhood T.J.Maxx store. Everyone there has been amazingly welcoming and supportive. I love my team. I come home from every shift happy. I mean, I’m tired. But my it’s my post-surgical knee that’s mainly tired, not my socially-hungry soul. If I had a fully functional skeleton, I’d be working at T.J.Maxx all day, and, since I’m already asking for things I can’t have, I’ll ask for the ability to function on no sleep, so I can stay there and just keep shopping there all night. 😂

So I don’t regret the time I didn’t spend writing. The writing is a good dream, and one I intend to nurture as the year winds down, but I feel good about the way I’ve spent this month: feeding the part of me that knows being connected to people is productive.

The new goal for the book is to be done by the end of the year.Who’s with me?

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