Keeping it together

I’ve become slightly obsessed with bullet journaling. Occasionally I’ll post my weekly layouts on my Instagram. This method of organization is perfect for me, because it blends creativity with OCD tendencies. It helps me see what I need to get done and, looking back, how I’ve spent my time– but it also gives me a way to track habits and goals, large and small. The time I spend planning each layout is calming, too. Even when they turn out screwy-looking, I love them, because they’re mine. My pen collection is outgrowing my desk.

One of the habits I track is how I’m doing with my Poshmark closet. I’m still a small-time seller, mostly doing it for fun. I’ve been trying this year, though, to kick it up a notch, since I have so very much stuff I need to sell. My next short term goal is to become a Posh Ambassador, which is what they call their top-tier sellers– the ones they list as recommended on other users’ feeds. I’ve already met all of the criteria for that title except for one, which I’m working on daily. If I only make enough money on Poshmark to buy more stuff to sell on Poshmark, then I’m happy, because I’m being paid to shop.

Another habit on my radar is smoking. I quit on my birthday a week ago, with the help of Chantix. It’s giving me strange and vivid dreams, just like it did when I took it years ago, but for now, it’s tolerable. As I told my mom this week, not smoking can be boring. I’m not sure what to do with my hands (like Ricky Bobby). I keep wanting to take breaks from whatever I’m doing and sit outside, even if all I’m doing is sitting inside. To that end, I bought a squillion York Peppermint Patties so I have something minty, if not precisely menthol like my Camel cigarettes, to occupy my hands and mouth while I hang out for a few minutes on the porch. So far, I haven’t had any physical cravings; I’ve only had behavioral ones. I imagine that makes sense after twenty years of doing anything.

The writing is trucking along, albeit more slowly than I’d prefer. I was just thinking recently about how NaNoWriMo was a great motivation in November to keep me writing at a steady pace. Then poof!– magically I realized that Camp NaNoWriMo is in April. It’s a little different than November; the goal isn’t to slam out a 50k-word novel in a month, but to set your own goal on whatever writing project you want. My project will be to wrap up and edit my first novel. I had had ambitions of a research trip for the second book by April, but that will have to wait until fall. I’m really in no hurry. It’s taken me this much of my life– what’s another few months?

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