Just do it

2018 is 1/12th over. What have I been doing? Working, mostly. It’s taken until this week for the schedule craziness to normalize, and now I’m getting around the number of hours I had discussed when I interviewed. I’m glad, because now I’ll be able to get back to the book.

In addition to having less time for writing because of work, the writing itself has slowed quite a bit. An hour spent with the book lately is usually used reworking something I’ve already written instead of creating something new. When I do cobble together new words, it’s slow going.

I try to give myself a break by reading, most recently this gem about the writing process by John McPhee. Even though he writes nonfiction, reading his book made me feel like I just need to loosen up and do it. I’ll only get better if I can get words out.

This year, I’ve started bullet journaling, and I’ve posted a few pictures of my layouts on my Instagram. It’s keeping me organized and focused, and it gives me an excuse for my pen obsession (can I say Pilot Frixion retractable gel pens??).

Starting this first day of February by sitting down determined to finish this chapter today. Wish me luck!

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