I’m miffed

I just need a second opinion to know whether I’m overreacting. It wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility for me, just so we’re clear.

I sold a pair of tshirts on poshmark on Monday. I was in Jacksonville at the time, so I let the buyer know. I shipped when I got home. The tshirts were in very good used condition, no noted flaws. I’d taken good pictures, described them well; she knew what she was getting for what she paid, basically.

When the delivery confirmation shows they arrived, I got a notification that she’d rated my item (also, “releasing” my money from the purchase from poshmark to me). She gave me 4/5 stars, with no comments as to what I could have improved.

So I left her this message, as poshmark has no private messaging system, only comments.

Radio silence. I’m stumped. Is this Amazon? Am I supposed to provide brand spanking new clothing in two days with even MORE communication than I’ve already provided? Shall I tap dance while I do it? What did I dooooooo?????

Speaking of poshmark, go follow Lisa. Her closet is adorable, and you’ll love it.

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