I’m a slacker

My writing schedule has been hurting. Somehow I can’t focus at home (a combination of feeling bad about ignoring Vinnie, and a dumb feeling of obligation to answer every text and phone call I get–except calls from unknown numbers, which get sent straight to voicemail, always), so I’ve been going to the library daily.

On Sunday, since my library branch is closed that day, I went to Starbucks. I got there, got my chai latte, got my table, got everything arranged just so… and my keyboard wouldn’t work. I write on Word on my iPad Mini with a Bluetooth keyboard. I assumed it had somehow not been plugged in properly when I charged it, and was dead, so I brought it home and plugged it in again.

Today, I went to the library in the morning. After a little less than 1k words, I packed up and came home. I showered, ate, put a load of laundry in (and did my nails, because #priorities), and decided to try Starbucks again for the rest of my writing this afternoon.

Damned if my keyboard didn’t fail me again.

It’s fully charged. It worked in the car in the Starbucks parking lot before and after my latte/table/setup ordeal. But when I’m actually seated there, it won’t work.

So off I went back to the library. After about half an hour, during which time I double-backed-up my work and wrote about a page, some noisy kids and a woman who seemed to be encouraging them to be noisy came in. (“Wow, you can run really fast!”) Despite admonishments from the reference librarian, the noisy kids and the enabling adult, who was pretty loud herself, kept being disruptive, until–after attempting and failing to drown them out with music on my headset–I eventually just left. Now it’s 5pm, and I have very little work to show for the day.

But I did put away all the laundry, and I’m already packed to leave on my trip.

I’m determined to find a way to write at home. If that means putting Vinnie in his room, I’ll have to do it. People have written in much less comfortable places than my house.

Leaving Wednesday for Palm Beach. Hope I can cram in some words before then.

If not, maybe I’ll just take a break to read. I picked up a Dave Ramsey book, More Than Enough, at my book swap meetup on Saturday, and I’d like to finish it in time to hand it off to my dad while we’re in Florida.

I need more tiiiiiiiiiime.

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