Hey, let’s all get together and be sober! Whoohoo!!

I’ve heard the complaint that life in sobriety is boring. I certainly thought the same thing myself at first. But at some point, a switch flipped, and everything became kind of awesome. I can tell you when that happened, if it matters, because that date is more important to me than the date of my last drink.

On September 2, 2017, I was kind of tired of the lackluster state of my newly sober life. I sat down that Saturday and wrote a letter to myself about why I wanted to be sober in the first place. I got very honest with myself about costs and benefits, as is suitable for someone who leans more toward SMART Recovery than AA, and in the end there was a great sense of peace. That process was also what triggered me to start writing again, because the process of writing that letter sparked in me the love of words that I hadn’t remembered to nurture for a long time. For those reasons, September 2 is pretty significant to me.

I told you all of this so I could tell you this, as my brother Garth would say. If you’re a person in recovery, there does come a point when it gets better. It isn’t magic; it just kind of happens. And when it does, it gets amazingly better.

An example of this: I’ve been to Walmart three times in the last three days. Most people would tell you this isn’t necessarily their idea of a good time– but I’ve called all of these trips super-successful. I may be able to attribute part of this to the times of day I went, and the fact that I have a disabled parking tag from my knee surgery in June. My Walmart is under construction, so nothing makes sense. I asked around for the Lara bars, and found that some nutrition bars are in the pharmacy area, and some are in the cereal aisle, so I’d just have to look. With my knee, that was not necessarily fun, but doable. However, the crowds were sparse, I got everything on my list at great prices, the staff was very helpful, and the cashiers were in great moods. Today’s cashier thanked me for making her laugh because I was dancing in line.

It gets better. You’ll be dancing at Walmart. And you’ll probably be doing it much better than I did it, because you will have two good knees.

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