Well, maybe I’m not a boss, per se, but my Poshmark closet is still going strong. I’ve been working on adding new listings lately, and new stuff is going up this week. I’m up to my eyebrows in unlisted inventory. My dressform, Bernadette, which I found on Facebook Marketplace, will be a big help in my new clothing posts. I obviously can’t model everything. I like to when I can, though.

If I’m being fully extensive in my #girlboss explanation, holiday products are now available on regansellsavon.com. I’ve been with Avon since 2005, and it just keeps getting better (word is, we’re going to be carrying Chi hair products in the New Year). If you’re a first-time customer, use the code WELCOME10 for 10% off your first purchase. As always, $40 purchases get free shipping. Sign up on the site for my mailing list, and you’ll be notified of any special offers like free shipping on smaller orders, or free gifts with purchase.

In addition to working it on Poshmark and Avon, I’m working it again at Nordstrom Rack. I’m easing my way in as a part-timer, and I’m having an awesome time so far. It’s like coming home again after being gone since last spring– at least, I’ve been treated that way. I love my teammates. I wouldn’t say I’ve lost my sea legs just yet, but most of it has just come back to me, which is super-handy.

The weird news: it’s November, and I’m not doing NaNoWriMo. I considered it, but in the end, just didn’t have the right ideas for another 50k-word novel. Short stories? Yes. Novel? No. I keep seeing my NaNo group’s members posting about meetups, and I just don’t have it in me to do it this year. It feels… slacker-ish. Or maybe my goals are just changing. I suppose that’s fine. I don’t have to have the same goals my whole life.

I just need to think about that a bit.

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