(Fitting that my anthem, Drive by Incubus, should be playing as I’m trying to think of what to title this post. )

I had my first day at my new job, and I feel like wahwahwhining that now I’ll have no time to write, when the truth is, I’ll have gobs of time to write. Except that at the end of this 5 hour shift (I’m a cashier at TJMaxx!), I’m weary. And my motivation write is nowhere to be found. I even bought a notebook at work tonight identical to the one I use for outlining my book, but larger, and I can’t even make myself write longhand.

So yeah, at the moment, Ravel/Unravel exists digitally–on my iPad and elsewhere– and is outlined in the pink book–with character sketches and a few pages of notes on inconsistencies after a read-through of the damn thing I did on the flight back from Tony Robbins. (Maybe that wasn’t in the NaNo spirit but I’m not here to do it someone else’s way, I’m here to write a book.) I love the big blue notebook, I’m just not sure what purpose it can serve. I’m sure it will come to me.

(If you care, for speed of writing, from fastest to slowest, mine are thumbs, then keyboard, then pen-and-paper. I just asked Adam, and his are exactly opposite.)

Tomorrow night my local WriMos are hosting an all night writeathon they’re calling Write the Night (I sorta offered up the name, because, being aware of Light the Night, and being a former TV writer/pun machine, how could I not?). That’ll be a good opportunity to get some good progress on the word count, since even typing this is pretty rough.

I just need to make some sound decisions to keep me from crashing and burning in the second half of November. Getting good sleep, maintaining routines, scheduling writing time and following through. I’m behind but I’m not worried. This book is already alive inside me. A few marathon sessions will push me toward the goal.

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