Bring on November

I spent yesterday going to two writing groups. The first was a Meetup group for local writers. It was a mix of published writers, amateurs, and first-time meeting attendees (yesterday was my second). There were poets, bloggers, nonfiction writers, novelists, and some who just wanted to improve their writing skills. Most everyone shared something they’dContinue reading “Bring on November”

Qualified? Hell to the yeah

I applied tonight for this job with the New York Times. No, you can’t apply, too, because it’s apparently designed just for me. A media background? Sure thing. I just dropped in my LinkedIn profile. Traveled to several destinations? Well, I suppose the Bahamas (twice), Cancun, Cozumel, and Puerto Rico count, for outside the continentalContinue reading “Qualified? Hell to the yeah”

So much Poshmark, so little time

I had already had plenty stacked up, just ready to list in my Poshmark closet— a Rubbermaid tub, a weekender bag, and a few towering piles sitting on the guest bed. I have no shortage of inventory. What I do have is a shortage of space to store that inventory once it’s listed. So lastContinue reading “So much Poshmark, so little time”

Cart before the horse

I went through a mini-straw poll of friends and family before committing to changing my LinkedIn and Facebook to say I’m a writer (place of work,, of course): something I’ve always been, but never declared myself to be. Opinions differed, but generally fell in the “do it” category (with one “that’s silly” vote). InContinue reading “Cart before the horse”

The consciousness rises

Happy Monday, y’all! Late summer is just fab, because there’s a promise of autumn to come. And autumn has always been my favorite, with sweaters and boots and leaves and change and beauty. Today I haven’t done that much writing on my novel. Mostly I’ve been reading about writing, and then sort of journaling aboutContinue reading “The consciousness rises”