Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!

Adam’s 42nd birthday was last weekend. He had a cheat day from his healthy diet, and we went to Evo for pizza to end the night. It got us thinking about time, and how it flies by faster the older we get. We talked about the adventures we’ve had so far, moving around the southeastContinue reading “Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!”

It’s a win/win

My friend Nicole’s daughter Lyla is a Girl Scout, and she’s doing a fundraiser–nope, not cookies; wrong time of year! She’s selling nuts and candies, along with magazines (paper and digital) and even some ebooks. Her deadline for both fundraisers is tomorrow night (11:59pm EDT, 11/1/17), so if you want to support a scout’s troopContinue reading “It’s a win/win”

Qualified? Hell to the yeah

I applied tonight for this job with the New York Times. No, you can’t apply, too, because it’s apparently designed just for me. A media background? Sure thing. I just dropped in my LinkedIn profile. Traveled to several destinations? Well, I suppose the Bahamas (twice), Cancun, Cozumel, and Puerto Rico count, for outside the continentalContinue reading “Qualified? Hell to the yeah”

Hey, you like shoutouts? Apparently I do!

This one is for the pet lovers. My friend Jonathan is trying to get a new business off the ground. It’s all about healthier food for pets. Check out his GoFundMe to see what it’s all about! He’s passionate about it, being a dog owner and dog lover, and he’s done plenty of research. HeContinue reading “Hey, you like shoutouts? Apparently I do!”

Wow, you look… different

For those of you who’ve known me a while, or who’ve shopped my Poshmark closet, you know I’ve been lots of different sizes in my life. I’ve been everywhere from a size 00 to a size 15, and everything in between. It’s only recently that I’ve stopped being embarrassed to talk about that. Those whoContinue reading “Wow, you look… different”

Things you’ll miss when I try to go “off the grid”

5. Sunrise over Daytona Beach. Even though I live 10 minutes from my own beach I never go, and I never think to take pictures at sunrise. So, have a picture. 4. My mom’s surprise ice cream cake for her birthday from the DQ (which I had no part in picking out. That was ALLContinue reading “Things you’ll miss when I try to go “off the grid””