I went through a mini-straw poll of friends and family before committing to changing my LinkedIn and Facebook to say I’m a writer (place of work, reganlandau.com, of course): something I’ve always been, but never declared myself to be. Opinions differed, but generally fell in the “do it” category (with one “that’s silly” vote). In the end, I decided, if I’ve ever been anything, it’s a communicator–a storyteller–and if that doesn’t make me a writer, I don’t know what does.

This book arrived in the mail from Amazon today, and it’s another example of my imagination seeing this novel through to its logical conclusion.

I am taking this next week to visit Jacksonville friends, and when I return, I will decide whether to keep working actually writing, or allow myself the indulgence of reading this book. I might be able to attempt both at once. ?

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