Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can!

Adam’s 42nd birthday was last weekend. He had a cheat day from his healthy diet, and we went to Evo for pizza to end the night. It got us thinking about time, and how it flies by faster the older we get. We talked about the adventures we’ve had so far, moving around the southeast (4 times in 3 years). Now we’re quite at home, here with Vinnie in Mt Pleasant.

Of course, the only constant is change, so we’ll probably end up leaving this place behind, too. But that’s okay. Maybe it’ll be like a seashell that I’ll have outgrown and need to shed in favor of a roomier model.

Occasionally now I feel the pressure of seconds slipping past, and I’m reminded of my career in television, when timing was everything. A deadline was a deadline. Video was either edited or it wasn’t. Reporters were either long-winded or didn’t have enough information to fill, so they ran light. Once it went on the air, it was official. And it makes me wish I had a constant record of my life so I could go back and watch whatever I wanted from an outsider’s perspective.

For the most part, though, I’m enjoying life as it happens. Our SMART Recovery meeting is gaining traction and seeing a steady attendance, with new faces all the time. Work is great. The book is chugging right along.

So maybe I can’t pause time, or, as Gatsby longed to, live in the past. I’m okay with that, because the present moment is fine by me.

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