Bring on November

I spent yesterday going to two writing groups.

The first was a Meetup group for local writers. It was a mix of published writers, amateurs, and first-time meeting attendees (yesterday was my second). There were poets, bloggers, nonfiction writers, novelists, and some who just wanted to improve their writing skills. Most everyone shared something they’d written—I shared a chapter from Ravel/Unravel—and then we did a fun writing prompt exercise, banging out whatever came to mind when we saw a silly picture of a shirtless dude, carrying a baseball bat, chasing a bear. It was super-entertaining to see how everyone’s interpretations varied.

After a trip downtown to exchange some jeans I’d bought online (I never go downtown—Siri had to guide me—but I had never realized how much great shopping there is on King street), I went to my next meeting: a get-together for local participants in NaNoWriMo. Pretty good turnout! I didn’t realize there would be quite so many of us. It seemed like everyone planned to write in a totally different genre, too. They’ll be holding group activities all month, so I hope I’ll be able to make it to some, once I start working.

Oh, didn’t I mention TJMaxx offered me a job? I’m so excited I keep periodically losing language skills. They know about my South Florida trip to see Tony Robbins the second week of November, so they’re going to let me know when they decide whether to do my orientation and training before or after that. SQUEEEEE!! (And there goes the English language.)

Today is International Cat Day. (I’m not making that up.) So Vinnie shall get a can of tuna and lots of snuggles.

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