Heaven is a bookstore

I want to live at 2nd and Charles. If you’ve never been in one, you’re missing out. It’s a chain of used bookstores, but they’re exceptionally clean and bright and organized. Walking into one, you’d never know you weren’t in a store I’ll call Schmarnes & Boble. They have new books, too, but the used books they buy are only in excellent condition, and they still sell them at great prices. I was in the new Jacksonville, FL store today and spent $26 and change. I got four paperback books and one hardback, along with a reusable tote bag. For a book bargain hunter like me, this is nothing short of a miracle.

Among my new purchases is this gem, which I picked out based on the title alone, but which I’m sure is right up my alley.

For that price, I’d probably read just about anything, but something I can put on my Goodreads “Words Words Words” shelf makes it an even better value.

Karaoke in the Corolla

I just made it down to Jacksonville. On my drive to the sunshine state, I did lots of talking on the phone, but when I couldn’t get anyone on the line to entertain me, I listened to some old tunes from my iTunes library, and you’d better believe I sang along.

One of the songs that came up was Bree Sharp’s “David Duchovny.” Back in my karaoke heyday, at Joey’s and Lamasco, that was one of my standards. It got me feeling nostalgic for friends that have been in my life when I needed them, even those I no longer keep in touch with often enough– from Joel (a.k.a., the Bandit to my Smokey) to Ron (who never knew a challenge song he didn’t like) to Lisa (my partner in Jax). Although I really, really don’t think I’m as good as I once thought I was, belting it out in the car was just as fun as it was when I was young enough to not care enough to be self-conscious.

Maybe I’ll grab a mic again some day. If I do, maybe I’ll be joined by some of my old comrades. And “American Pie” will never sound so bad, or so good.

Cart before the horse

I went through a mini-straw poll of friends and family before committing to changing my LinkedIn and Facebook to say I’m a writer (place of work, reganlandau.com, of course): something I’ve always been, but never declared myself to be. Opinions differed, but generally fell in the “do it” category (with one “that’s silly” vote). In the end, I decided, if I’ve ever been anything, it’s a communicator–a storyteller–and if that doesn’t make me a writer, I don’t know what does.

This book arrived in the mail from Amazon today, and it’s another example of my imagination seeing this novel through to its logical conclusion.

I am taking this next week to visit Jacksonville friends, and when I return, I will decide whether to keep working actually writing, or allow myself the indulgence of reading this book. I might be able to attempt both at once. ?

The consciousness rises

Happy Monday, y’all! Late summer is just fab, because there’s a promise of autumn to come. And autumn has always been my favorite, with sweaters and boots and leaves and change and beauty.

Today I haven’t done that much writing on my novel. Mostly I’ve been reading about writing, and then sort of journaling about what I’ve been reading, so it’s like someone threw the English language against the walls of my brain. Tomorrow I’ll pick up where I left off: just jump into the trenches and make the story happen. But for today, I’m stretching my brain. And it feels nice.

Also, if you ever want some serious tension in your life, list a vintage Gucci bag on poshmark. The offers, the bids, the comments– it was wild for about 24 hours. But it worked out. I hope the buyer gives it a good home. It was my grandmother’s. I think she will.

The Friday grind

I’m finishing out the day with about 1,200 words. That’s not terrible, I suppose. This has been a slow writing week for me, compared to last week’s frenetic pace. I guess every week can’t be super productive. At least I’m headed in the right direction.

I ordered two books this week from Amazon. The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters and The Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market 2017. Both were used and cheap; the latter arrived today. Weekends are for reading, so I’m excited about that!

Shoutout, Pt II

While I’m in the mood for sharing the love, I just got off the phone with my bro Seth Cheek, and I proposed a blog challenge. Since I’m just starting out, and he feels like his is stagnant (well, to be fair, his last post was about two years ago, so maybe it’s not so much a feeling as a fact), I decided we should both try to write at least once a week.

So here’s to Seth’s site, creatively titled sethcheek.com (we’re both really good with names). May it ever flourish!


I’ve been selling and buying on poshmark for about two years. I’m not a big-time seller, but it’s a fun way to get rid of stuff I’m not wearing/using anymore, and to make a little cash while I’m at it. Most of my “closet” is basic mall brands, with a few slightly higher-end things thrown in for good measure. I make a couple of sales a week, typically (after my hiatus for a few months after my knee surgery, when I couldn’t get up the stairs to the third floor, where my poshmark inventory lives). If you want to check me out, my username is reganthology. Buy my stuff! Better yet, follow me, and maybe I can buy your stuff.

One of my favorite gurus on the subject of poshmark is The Gray Asparagus. Elle’s website has a blog about poshmark that has tremendous insight into strategies for both buying and selling, mainly selling. She’s a much higher-volume seller than I am, but it’s still really good information, and terribly entertaining. Her closet is thegrayasparagus, if you’re interested in how she does business.

I’ve been slacking lately on new listings. I have gobs of new stuff I want to add to my closet– two big Rubbermaid tubs, in fact. I’ve been a little preoccupied with writing lately, but as soon as that first bout of writer’s block hits, I’ll be photographing and adding new items. They’re certainly not doing me any good just sitting around in the closet.

Back in the groove

According to Goodreads, before today, I hadn’t finished a book since August 15. What a slacker. Today, though, I finished one and started another. The one I started today, Writing & Selling the YA Novel by K. L. Going, is super-entertaining so far. I’ve only gotten through a couple of chapters, but I’m liking it so much, I’ve already emailed the author to let her know. My writing isn’t exactly Young Adult, but plenty in this book is still useful. Also, I enjoy the way she decided to format it: it’s designed to mimic a high school class schedule.

Adorable, right?