And the livin’s easy…

Summertime. The time I get slothful about my writing habits. I make excuses and cut corners and don’t follow through with commitments. So if you see me out there at Starbucks or Barnes & Noble, and I’m typing furiously on my keyboard, it means something has actually gone right in the universe, and the muses are speaking though me.

I have a mini-outline in my head now of the events that need to happen to wrap up the tail end of my first draft, and I should probably commit it to paper or digital in some way so it all actually happens. I met up with my Mt Pleasant girls today to get in a bit of work, and I’m moving forward. Always moving forward.

In other news, I’ve been taking voice lessons. The school I go to had a showcase for students this week, and it was fun to be back on stage. My vocal coach wants me to start going on gigs with her, so we’ll see how that goes.

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