Hi there, I’m Regan, and I love words. My favorite word is facetious, in case you were wondering. Oh, you weren’t wondering? In that case forget I mentioned it.

My love affair with words began early. I’m told I was reading when I was 3, but I don’t remember much about that. I also don’t remember popping the lenses out of a yellow plastic pair of sunglasses at 5 and calling them my “poet glasses,” but apparently, I did that, too. What I do remember was writing stories as young as third grade: great, sweeping, never-ending novels that I would occasionally tag-team write with my friends. The first I ever completed was one such collaborative effort with my pal Emily in fifth grade, about a murder spree at a summer camp. We were reading a lot of Christopher Pike at the time.

All throughout school, I read for fun far more than I studied or did homework. I was sure I’d either grow up to be a novelist or a librarian. As it turned out, I ended up working in local television news.

Most of my career was spent in the production end of things– what I usually described to people as “pushing buttons, wearing a headset, and telling people what to do.” A few of my roles in the industry, though, allowed me to flex my writing muscles. As a producer, I wrote scripts for newscasts, and as a digital content manager, I wrote stories for my station’s website. Writing for news is an entirely different beast from the fiction I love; it’s concise, it’s punchy, and it always feels a little breathless, because it has to convey a lot of details very quickly. Here are some of my stories from when I was writing for WFXG in Augusta, if you’re wondering what I mean (my apologies if you’re reading that on their mobile site; the way they archive stories for the mobile site and full site is different, so if you’re on your phone, that link probably shows no results).  Learning how to do this well was an interesting challenge that certainly improved my writing in unexpected ways.

I’ve been working half-heartedly on my first “real” novel for years, but I am only now beginning to make major headway on it. Maybe I’ll make that dream of growing up to be a novelist come true some day. After which point, of course, I’ll be going back to school for my MLIS so I can be a librarian, and life will be perfect.

I’m also an Avon independent sales rep, a poshmark ambassabor, a Nordstrom Rack Service Experience Representative, and a member of the Triple Nine Society. Glad you could stop by! Feel free to drop me a note about anything you want.